official pay per use telepass

If you’ve ever made at least one trip on the highway, you’ve certainly noticed the trip Telepass lane in the various toll booths of the highway. The Telepass system, for the uninitiated, allows you to avoid queues in toll booths by using a special system – Telepass, in fact – which greatly reduces travel and waiting.

The convenience of Telepass in small doses

official pay per use telepass

In these hours the company unveils Telepass Pay Per Use, a new version of the small device that has the advantage charge the monthly amount only in case of actual use of the service. In fact, before the introduction of Telepass Pay Per Use, users pay a monthly fee even in case they do not use the same.

If, for example, you already know in advance that you are using the Telepass for only a few months of the year, perhaps during the summer holidays for the various motorway journeys, with the Telepass Pay Per Use you will only be paid the monthly payments in which the system was actually used.

The Pay Per Use Telepass can be requested online via the link below and welcomed comfortably at home. The cost of the calendar month is equal to 2.50 euros to which they must be added 10 euros for activation e 5.73 euros shipping. In addition to faster transit through motorway toll booths, Telepass Pay Per Use also offers additional services to access Milan Area C, ferry payments to Messina and access to the station car parks, fairs and airports.

Buy Pay Per Use Telepass

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