The METZ brand may be well-known to some, but it is a manufacturer that can rely on 80 years of experience, and which has earned the certification of the best Retailer for 25 consecutive years, in addition to many other awards.

METZ MUC7000 Android TV

That’s why the smart TV we’re talking about today, METZ MUC7000, is a high-quality product, able to stand out from the crowd thanks to advanced technological solutions, offered at a more than competitive price. Thanks for the processor Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AI PQ image quality is always perfect in any situation, whether you’re watching a quiet documentary or a packed sporting event.

The processor is able to improve the quality of the details, even in older movies, by using an algorithm capable of comparing the images to a database in the cloud and reconstructing the missing details, to guarantee images we have never seen before.

Even slightly blurred images are restored, while the algorithm that controls the brightness of scenes can correct contrast by making otherwise blurry dark images. Let’s not forget the fidelity of the reproduction of the complexion, usually in yellow or red in normal televisions and that, on METZ MUC7000, return a realistic appearance.

The highlight of this smart TV is obviously represented by the presence of Android TV 10, which allows you to take advantage of the many streaming services on the market and use the thousands of applications available. AV1 codec support guarantees the display of high quality content, coming from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and the main streaming services.

It also handles remote control, with four keys dedicated to starting the main streaming services, and a microphone that allows the activation of Google Assistant. In this way it is possible to change channels, start applications, adjust volume, but also control smart home appliances, again through voice commands.

Don’t miss the HDR10 support, which ensures high-quality image reproduction and color rendering, along with high contrast, allowing you to have vivid colors even in the darkest scenes. In short, it is a decidedly advanced product, equipped with a large number of HDMI, USB, antennas and LAN connectors, with Bluetooth 5.0 to connect speakers, headphones and accessories with great ease, in addition of course to WiFi.

METZ MUC7000 is available on Amazon in four sizes, 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch. To follow the link to purchase, even if the most interesting promotion is that of the 55-inch model, proposed for only 469 euros.

Buy METZ MUC7000 55 ″ 4K for 469 euros

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