The Google I / O this year highlighted how the Mountain View giant is increasingly paying attention to the angular issue of privacy, including password management.

A new flag appeared in the last Chromium Gerrit, suggesting that Google is also working on “Unified Password Manager” for Chrome which according to the description uses Google Mobile Services to store and recover passwords.

The text warns that this is a highly experimental feature that can lead to password loss and affect performance.

Google can develop its own password management app

The integration of Google Mobile Services can improve the interaction between Android smartphone and Chrome on Pill or computer, however it is possible that Google is working on a dedicated password manager app for Android.

If the company has managed to merge everything into one application, it can effectively make third-party password managers disappear, as well as encourage users to make more effort to protect their passwords.

Google Chrome is Android They already do a good job of providing access to passwords, but you still need to access the Settings app, which is not a particularly convenient one. Recently Google he was accused to be honest about Android’s privacy.

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