When you have talent and imagination, even the most incredible things find their concrete form and in some cases become true works of art. This is the case of Xiaomi Mi 11 protagonist of an extreme modding exercise that led her to break down in its minimum terms, and then be reborn as a sculpture showing Dragon.

30 days work and a lot of talent

In these hours the Chinese giant has published an extremely particular and fascinating work on Weibo in which its new top of the range, the first in the world to fit the high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, has been reassembled in the form of a sculpture.

To achieve this result, two Xiaomi Mi 11s were used along with four others with a back cover in the skin, used in this case to make the wings of the mythical creature. Xiaomi also stated that 30 days of work were required to complete this small work of art, and that the construction process saw the use of a well. 500 parts.

The artist’s work almost leaves you speechless for the great mastery shown during the demolition phase of the apparatus, and the subsequent assembly phase in which each piece of the upper part of the range is aligned. with another to compose a creature so important to Chinese mythological culture.


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