Coming soon, it will be possible to use Google Pay for State Cashback: there is no exact date, but it is likely that support will arrive in the IO app within the next few days or at most within a few weeks. At the moment, as we’ve seen, it’s still not possible to pay with Big G’s service and get cashback, pending an update to the app.

Google Pay support for State Cashback coming soon

There are many users who are waiting for the support of State Cashback for payments made through Google Pay, and in fact it’s fair to expect it for a very good reason: within the FAQ available on the official dedicated website, a reference to the service is explicitly made. In fact, among the payment methods with which to participate you can find the following sentence:

“Other payment systems, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay (on the IO App starting in 2021).”

For now, as we also explain in detail in the video below, you can join the Cashback program using mainly credit cards, debit cards (on international circuits and PagoBancomat), prepaid cards and apps such as Satispay and Bancomat Pay.

However, support for Google Pay (and Apple Pay) is on the way, though we don’t have a date: in addition to the underlined sentence above, within the IO app itself we find a “Apps and digital tools” section, with the captions “Coming soon” and “A future version of IO will also make this payment method available”.

So we’ll have to wait a little longer, but probably not too long (at least we hope so, Editor’s note). Have you already had the chance to join the State Cashback in these weeks? Let us know how it’s going in the usual box below. If you have any doubts, you can check out the guide below or take a look at the dedicated video.


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